Combination (2019)

Combination performance,Janani Cooray, Sri Lanka (Theertha performance platform 2019)
Even though hair is by nature a part of the human body, culture has added more value to it. Especially within the realm of Eastern culture, hair, which is a strong determination of feminine beauty is considered to be a medium of multiplicities of expressions.
Similarly, coir ropes are bounds to the Eastern culture as well. Even though coir ropes are not used as frequently as they were in the past, it still remains within the practice as an indispensable part of public life.
Thus far I have continued practicing the art of combining the organic and inorganic realms. The combination of the aforementioned mediums and using my body as raw material of art as a part of the performance is an extension of it.

Decoration (2018)

Decoration”   J.D.A. Perera gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka ,2018

Women decorate themselves by others in conventionally beautiful ways. In a different mode, in this performance, I take myself, my body , just as an object inviting the audience to decorate it the way they like. Here the woman gets ‘build’ and I question the conventional ways how women get decorated.